Version History

Version Date Description
2.3.0 2022-03-29
  • Updated evaluation library to 1.3 to improve support analyzing custom elements with open shadowroots.
  • Updated HTMLUnit to 2.60.
  • Updated Django 2.2.27.
  • Fixed bug in rendering implementation status.
  • Updated references from AInspector WCAG to AInspector for Firefox.
  • Updated references from "OpenAjax Evaluation Library" to "OpenA11y Evaluation Library".
2.2.2 2022-01-22
  • Updated evaluation library to 1.2 to support analyzing custom elements with open shadowroots.
2.2.1 2021-11-01
  • Updated HTMLUnit to 2.53.
2.2 2021-09-29
  • Updated Django 2.2.24.
  • Update evalution library to Version 1.2 to support W3C ARIA 1.2 and ARIA in HTML Specifications, which includes:
    • Updated Widget rule references to use WCAG 2.1, ARIA 1.2 spec, ARIA Authoring Practices, MDN resources for ARIA and Web Foundation references for ARIA.
    • Updated references to remove references to iCITA website.
    • Updated references to include W3C WAI Web Accessibility Tutorials.
    • Updated regression tests based on ARIA 1.2 changes
    • Fixed bugs in CONTROL 11 rule on unique names for submit and reset buttons when there are multiple forms.
    • Fixed bugs in WIDGET 7 rule on owned elements.
    • Fixed bugs in WIDGET 8 rule related to being owned by another element.
    • Fixed bugs in WIDGET 9 rule related to having required parent roles.
    • Fixed bugs in WIDGET 10 rule related to range control attributes.
    • Changed WIDGET 13 to test for name prohibitied requirement (from prohibiting any ARIA markup and this original rule was not included in any rulesets).
    • Added HTML 3 rule to support W3C ARIA in HTML specification.
    • Added WIDGET 15 rule to test for use of deprecated ARIA states and properties on selected roles.
    • Added WIDGET 16 rule to raise awareness of web components being user on a page and the need for manual checking.
2.1.3 2021-04-28
  • Updated Django 2.2.20.
  • Updated django-registration 3.1.2.
  • Disabled subscription feature.
  • Added additional views for admin user stats.
2.1.2 2021-03-25
  • Updated fae-util to HTMLUnit 2.45.0
  • Updated Django 2.2.18.
  • Updated user stats model.
  • Fixed bugs with sorting table rows when more than one heading in column.
  • Updated SkipTo.js.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Added configuration to suspend paid supscriptions.
2.1.1 2020-04-27
  • Provide link to download a CSV version of report view data.
  • Updated fae-util to HTMLUnit 2.39.
  • Updated Django 2.2.12.
  • Added new administrative view for institutional version.
2.1 2020-01-17
  • Updated FAE for compatibility with Django 2.2 and Python 3.6 migration.
  • Fixed some bread crumb URL bugs.
  • Provided additional information on usage by month and year in usage view
  • Deleted users who had not create a new report since January 1st, 2018 and had created less than 5 reports.
2.0.15 2019-10-30
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.36.
2.0.14 2018-11-07
  • Added the creation of invoices for subscription payments.
  • Invoices can be viewed from "My Account" page.
2.0.13 2018-10-29
  • Updated references from AInspector Sidebar to AInspector WCAG.
2.0.12 2018-09-24
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.33.
  • Updated to OpenA11y Evaluation Library version 1.1.3, added try/catch for accessing frame content due to cross domain browser security issues.
2.0.11 2018-09-07
  • Fixed bugs related to computing daily statistics on number of reports requested and pages analyzed.
2.0.10 2018-08-08
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.32.
  • Fixed bug for pages without titles, to have a default title using the URL.
2.0.9 2018-06-10
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.30.
  • Added log archiving, to keep the logging files from getting to big.
2.0.8 2018-02-16
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.29.
2.0.7 2017-11-17
  • Fixed bug in URL definition for excluded URLs, sometimes excluded URLs did not include a protocol or domain.
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.28.
  • Added code to clean up pending reports when starting the process evaluations utiltity. This removes reports that are in a unstable state.
2.0.6 2017-10-09
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.28-prerelease, to fix bug found in HTMLUNit 2.27 in fae-util.
2.0.5 2017-09-11
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.27.
  • Added Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).
  • Fixed bug in using the "path" option to filter web pages.
2.0.4a 2017-07-14
  • Updated to OpenA11y Evaluation Library 1.1.0, which include the following changes:
    1. HTML Element Rule Changes
      • Replace b and i elements (HTML 1): Removed rule from both rulesets, b and i elements are defined in HTML5 and have there own unique semantics.
    2. Keyboard Rule Changes
      • Widgets must have keyboard support required by their roles (Keyboard 1): Has been changed to only generate manual checks.
    3. Layout Rule Changes
      • Layout tables must have meaningful sequence (Layout 1): Updated purpose messaging to help make rule requirements clearer.
      • Verify aria-flowto supports reading order (Layout 3): Added new rule to verify reflow of content.
    4. Landmark Rule Changes
      • All content must be contained in landmarks (Landmark 2): Updated rule to not include the element imput[type="hidden"].
    5. Widget Rule Changes
      • Verify live region is appropriate (Widget 14): Added new rule to verify the use of live regions.
  • Added information about non-HTML files (e.g. PDF, Microsoft Office, video, audio...) linked to pages in the website. The file information can be found in the "URL Evaluation Information" page.
  • "URL Evaluation Information" page has been reorganized and labeling of sections updated.
  • Fixed some template bugs for reporting element level summary results (e.g. page totals) for manual checks.
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.25.
  • Fixed bug in initializing subscription accoutns in the Shibboleth login option for FAE 2.3
2.0.3 2017-01-29
  • Fixed bug with initializing starting URL for reports, which was most notable for single page reports when the starting URL has a path.
  • Fixed single page summary report formatting problems.
2.0.2 2017-01-10
  • Increased capabilities of the FREE account type.
  • Simiplied subscriptions to be just "Standard" and "Advanced".
  • Updated user interface styling and layout.
  • Integrated "Advanced Run" features in to the standard "Run FAE" page.
  • Updated the labeling of form controls in Run FAE form.
  • Updated the format of the Report Information section at the top of each page in a report.
  • Added URL "path" filter to URL filtering capabilities of FAE. NOTE: When a path is present in the input URL the ability to follow sub domains is not available.
  • Added information to reports that not all URLs in the website were evaluated, basically the max page feature limited the number of pages included.
  • Fixed styling problems in template for usage statistics.
  • Added hide/show widget to provide more information about form control options.
  • Added "column definitions" section for page level rule results views.
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.24.
2.0.1 2016-11-10
  • Added FAQ page under Abouts menu.
  • Clarified Implementation Score calculation.
2.0.0 2016-10-05
  • Enabled subscription service for FAE 2.3.
  • Added annoucement utility.
2.0.0-beta.3 2016-09-17
  • Updated form control and link focus styling.
  • Added account types to configure spidering depth and maximum number of pages.
  • Added support for subscriptions and credit card payment.
  • Fixed bug in password reset functions.
  • Added advanced run view for higher level account types.
  • Updated to Version 1.0.0 of the OpenA11y evaluation library.
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.23.
2.0.0-beta.2 2016-06-24
  • Added increased depth feature for higher level accounts.
  • Added run advanced report, provding more control over which sub-domains are included in the evaluation and which are excluded.
  • Updated to Version 1.0.0-beta.6 of the OpenA11y evaluation library.
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 2.21.
2.0.0-beta.1 2016-04-21
  • Added E-mail link to share a report.
  • Support Shibboleth authentication.
  • Implementation score now includes manual checks in score calculation.
  • Delete reports directly from "Manage Reports".
  • Added "maximum pages" feature when requesting report.
  • Improved usage statistics.
  • Improved contact form, users can now view there contacts and responses.
  • Refactored code for open source distribution.
  • Updated fae-util to use HTMLUnit 1.19.
  • Source code available from at
  • Updated to Version 1.0.0-beta.5 of the OpenA11y evaluation library.
0.9.9 2015-08-14
  • Updated OpenA11y Evaluation Library to Version 1.0.0-beta.3, has updated the following rules:
    • Frame 1: frame must have accessible name (new).
    • Frame 2: iframe must have accessible name (new).
    • Image 1: Images must have alt text (Not new, but extensively modified).
    • Image 2: Alt text must summarize purpose (Not new, but extensively modified).
    • Image 5: Verify image is decorative (Not new, but extensively modified).
    • Image 6: Long description for complex images (Not new, but extensively modified).
    • Image 7: Use MathML for mathematical expressions (new).
    • Keyboard 2: Behaviors supported by keyboard (Not new, but extensively modified).
    • Landmark 2: All content must be contained in landmarks (Not new, but extensively modified).
    • Landmark 16: region landmark must have accessible name (Not new, but extensively modified).
    • Landmark 17: Landmarks must be uniquely identifiable (Not new, but extensively modified).
    • Landmark 18: Landmarks must identify content regions (Not new, but extensively modified).
    • Link 1: Link text must be descriptive (extensively modified).
    • List 1: Use list markup semantically (new).
    • List 2: Labeling lists (new).
    • Order 1: Reading order: CSS positioning (new).
  • Updated Ruleset view.
0.9.8 2015-08-14
  • Updated OpenA11y Evaluation Library to Version
    • Changed heading rule 5 to be required in ARIA + HTML5 ruleset.
    • Fixed grammar in summaries for VIDEO 8 and 9 rules.
    • Changed heading rule 5 to have primary relationship with WCAG SC 1.3.1 (was 2.4.6).
    • Updated visibility calculation to include test on the height of the text (e.g. text with 0 height does not need to be tested for color contrast).
    • Moved role semantic restriction rules from landmark to style/content rule category.
    • Added rules for frame and iframe having accessible names.
    • Fixed bug in incorrectly identifying header and footer elements inside sectioning elements as landmarks.
    • Updated landmark messaging to improve the identification of techniques to create landmarks.
    • Added landmark 19 rule: landmarks must be descriptive of the sections they identify.
    • Updated widget rule 1 to use "label" instead of "accessible name", reference WCAG 2.0 ARAI techniques and element messaging uses XXX element with YYY widget role.
    • Added widget rule 12 to verify labels for elements with widget roles are descriptive.
    • Fixed Table Rule 1 to also allow the use of the headers attribute to define headers in simple data tables.
    • Reimplementation of Keyboard Rule 3 on page being keyboard operable, basically identifying any elements with events or tab index values other than 0.
    • Updated keyboard rule 1 to correctly test for the potential of keyboard event handlers on owned children.
    • Removed keyboard 2 rule since HTML5 requires a default value of tabindex=-1, basically any element can receive focus.
    • Moved keyboard rule 3 -> keyboard rule 2 since keyboard rule 2 was removed.
    • Moved keyboard rule 4 -> keyboard rule 3 since keyboard rule 3 was removed.
    • Added list rule 1 for using semantically meaningful list markup on the page.
    • Added list rule 2 about manual tests for labeling a list container.
    • Added reading order rule 1 to evaluation library.
  • Updated fae-util to latest version, now uses HTMLUnit 2.18.
  • Updated ruleset views to include related rule information.
0.9.7 2015-06-02
  • Updated OpenA11y Evaluation Library to Version
    • Updated HTML5 element role restriction rules not to result in PASS, only FAIL or MANUAL checks.
    • Updated HTML5 element role restriction rule messaging to emphasize the correct us of semantics and overriding default HTML5 sectioning rules.
    • Updated data table rule (TABLE 2) to support complex data tables from rules.
    • Updated audio NLS to include element level HIDDEN message for audio rules 2 and 3.
    • In aria strict ruleset changed heading 5 rule to be recommended (header nesting page) to recommended and changed heading rule 8 to required (header nesting in landmarks) to be required..
    • Added form element to Landmark rule 18 landmark role restrictions.
    • Fixed messaging bugs with LANDMARK 8 rule .
    • Fixed bug in calculating accessible name when LABEL elements are empty and multiple LABEL references.
    • Added "landmark" property to represent the computed landmark value for an element.
    • Updated all landmark rules to use the computed "landmark" value instead or role value and heading rules that are dependent on landmark information.
    • Support HTML5 sectioning elements for their default landmark roles in landmark rules.
    • Improved consistency of landmark rule messaging.
    • Fixed data table naming rule (TABLE_2) that was only testing simple data tables, now also tests complex data tables.
  • Updated fae-util to latest version, now uses HTMLUnit 2.16.
  • Updated ruleset views to include related rule information.
0.9.6c 2015-03-20
  • Added information about the announcement and discussion e-mail lists.
  • Added links to the FAE 2.3 and OpenA11y Evaluation Library issues list.
  • Improved DL/DT/DD styling.
0.9.6b 2015-03-11
  • Fixed aria-sort property problem bug not updating correctly.
  • Updated OpenA11y Evaluation Library to version
    • Fixed undeclared variable in LANDMARK RULE 3.
    • Fixed undefined function error with Link Cache calculation by testing for type String.
    • Fixed bug with button element accessible name calculation, now supports aria-label, aria-labelledby and title attributes.
0.9.6a 2015-03-09
  • Updated registration response to provide information about how to unsubscribe to the announcements list.
  • Contact messages include e-mail of user for easier response to message.
  • Added URL referral feature to allow embedding a link in a web page to have the page evaluated by FAE 2.3 when the link is selected (note: generates an anonymous single page report).
  • Improved internal website link and name references to use database "site" information.
0.9.6 2015-03-02
  • Added references to AInspector WCAG in page level result views and in about menu.
  • Updated OpenA11y library to version 0.9.8 of the library
    • Added BYPASS_1 rule that supports "SkipTo" script and internal linking.
    • Updated table cache to provide better support for CAPTION element and SUMMARY attribute.
    • for naming and describing tables and table titling rules now use this information in rule evaluation and results.
    • Updated TABLE_5 to result in manual check for tables that contain only one row or column.
    • Removed the concept of "large" data table from library and rules.
    • Added two rules to table data rules for:
      • Split simple and complex data table heading requirements out of TABLE 1 rule
      • TABLE 1 is just about headings for simple data tables and updated messaging to reflect changes
      • New TABLE 7 is just about headings for complex data tables
      • New TABLE 8 is about accessible name beting different from accesible description
    • Updated for CONTROL_3 to include title attribute as another group titling technique.
    • Updated labeling references for form control labeling rules to include references to ARIA labeling specifications.
    • Fixed bug with name calculation for links includes TITLE attribute.
    • Updated LANDMARK_3 rule to be not applicable if no or less than 4 links found on a page.
    • Updated CONTROL_5 to fail form controls with duplicate IDs when they are hidden, improved messaging.
0.9.5 2015-02-12
  • IMPORTANT: Report quotas now will be enforced (e.g. 5 permanent reports, last 5 reports run).
  • Updated OpenA11y library to version of the library
    • Removed BASIC ruleset.
    • Updated titles and descriptions of ARIA_STRICT and ARIA_TRANS ruleset.
    • Removed WIDGET 12 from ARIA_TRANS ruleset.
    • Changed conditional landmark rules to be recommended in ARIA_TRANS ruleset.
    • Move FOCUS 2 rule to keyboard support rule category.
    • NAVIGATION 3 and 5 rules are now required in both rulesets.
    • Fixed bugs in other rules.
  • "Basic" ruleset removed from "Run" options.
  • Added links to view rule details in "Rulesets" view.
  • Report status automatically updated (e.g. no page refresh required) and provide information on how many pages have been analyzed in real time to show progress.
  • Added "Get Last Report Settings" button to the run report form, to provide a way to import previously used settings.
0.9.4 2015-01-22
  • Updated OpenA11y library to version of the library.
  • Export reports to an JSON or XML format.
  • Table sorting features to reorder rows by column values.
  • Updated user interface using bootstrap.js to improve response to different screen sizes.
  • “SkipTo” feature for keyboard only navigation.
0.9.3 2014-07-10
  • Updated OpenA11y library.
0.9.2 2014-05-28
  • Updated OpenA11y library to version 0.9.4, including ARIA + Lnndmarks ruleset.
  • Additional user options for viewing report information.
  • Improved back end administration tools.
0.9.1 2014-04-29
  • Initial Release with the OpenA11y Evaluation Library.